Domestication, history and spread of the guinea fowl


Guinea fowl is the only poultry that comes from Africa, but its domestication did not take place in its original natural habitat. The source of domestication is yet not identified, but it is connected to a Mediterranean Sea around B.C.1000. On the other hand, there are notes about its existence from B.C. 1900 around Egypt.

It has been assumed that there can be a connection between the restriction of keeping chicken in Egypt – which was only allowed in B.C.300- and the domestication of guinea fowl.

During World War II, the number of guinea fowl decreased in Central Europe. Previously in French, Italy, Austria, Poland, Romania and Hungary, significant consumption and export took place. Guinea fowl was beloved poultry till the beginning of poultry farming and guinea fowl farms’ number started to decrease from the 1960s.

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