The ’queen’ of poultry

It is hard to find this precious meat in the shelves of multinational companies, even though 100 g of it contains 130 kcal and this is also the reason why French people consider it as one of the healthiest meats.

The proportion of the valuable meat is very high in the fowl, as 32% of the fowl’s body is breast and 29% is leg. The chemical compounds of the breast and the legs draw much attention internationally, because of the great protein, the low fat proportion and the special flavor the meat has.

Guinea fowl is a great alternative to chicken meat, moreover it can be cooked sooner than the chicken, since it requires no seasoning because of its wild flavor.

Guinea fowl earned its place in the circle of pheasants and it has long been scratching in the backyard of rural mansions. It is also suitable to use in soups and as roasted meat, but steaming and serving it with sauce have always been a festal dish.

The breast is especially delicious and has fine taste, which is used in a versatile way.

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