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Our warmest welcome to our guests in our website!

Allow us to introduce our company, and especially our farm specialising in raising free-range, grain-fed guinea fowl.

Our company in a few words:

Ever since its establishment in 1990, our company has been in food retail. In 2014, we came up with the idea of expanding our activities by adding a line that not only boosts our current retail business but is also a viable venture in its own market segment. Thus, in 2015 we set up our new company Kardifarm Limited Partnership (Kardifarm Betéti Társaság) and established our own guinea fowl farm on our own premises to meet growing market demand.

Guinea fowl meat is one of the healthiest meats. As it contains only 130 calories in 100 grams, we decided to create premium quality products that we know first-hand to be genuine.

Our animals are given starting and raising feed only for a couple of weeks until they gain strength, and later they are raised free-range, exclusively on grain.

By enjoying the benefits of outdoor keeping, they have access to a huge amount of natural vitamins, not to mention the benefits of open air. Consequently, their meat is rich in minerals, has a high protein and a low fat content, and is much more delicious than the meat of battery-raised birds. While our slow-grown birds take a few more months to reach their slaughtering weight, this way we can provide our clients with higher quality, valuable final products.

Our products are distributed in a plucked, pre-cooled or frozen condition ready for cooking, provided with our own logo.

The animals are processed in Szeged by a poultry processing plant having HACCP and ISO 9001 certificates, as well as an export license, which plant the animals leave following examination in a condition complying with all requirements mandatory for EU export, packed, labelled, and pre-cooled, and from where they are immediately transferred to the address of the client with our own refrigerator van.


We do our utmost to satisfy the demands of all clients to the maximum. We also take orders from our clients for the processing and sale of different cuts to meet the needs of our clients.

At the moment, 1500 guinea fowl are scheduled for delivery.

Our prices:

Our prices depend on order quantity and on the degree of processing, and are subject to prior agreement.





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Gábor Kardos, and Melinda Bittó

managing director

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